Risk Powered Governance

Leverage Machine Learning to prioritize inherent and contextual access risk at scale.


Prioritization at scale is possible

During every User Access Review (UAR), managers are overwhelmed with thousands of items to review. Reviewers don't know what certain access is, where to invest their time, or why they are performing a UAR, resulting in rubberstamping and inaccurate responses. If UARs are inaccurate, the IGA dominos start falling and you end up with poor audit outcomes, expensive fines, and an insecure environment. To solve this, Clarity leverages Risk Powered Governance (RPG) to minimize potential for audit failure due to access mismanagement.

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Risk Scoring

Using machine learning, Clarity evaluates the inherent and contextual risk of identity-entitlements to generate dynamic risk scores. Risk scoring makes it easy for reviewers to prioritize items during UARs, It also helps Admins identify the impact that improper access can have on business outcomes.

Access Outliers

When reviewing thousands of identity-entitlements, it's difficult to know when anomalies occur. Risk Powered Governance brings access outliers to the surface, including orphaned accounts, so you can quickly identify abnormalities and take action before an anomaly becomes a vulnerability.

Intelligent Context

Reviewers have to quickly evaluate thousands of entitlements. But they don't know how to evaluate access, what certain access means, or where to invest their time. Clarity's built-in intelligent context reduces review fatigue and bridges the knowledge gap, resulting in more accurate responses.

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It's like going from dial-up to fiber, but for IGA.

Justine Gosine, Hachette Book Group

User Access Reviews

Your team hates running them. Managers hate completing them. Until now. Powered by machine learning, Clarity makes UARs easy for everyone involved, resulting in faster, more accurate responses.


Access Management

Grant or remove specific access in downstream applications with a single-click, cutting down on time to provision by 80%. Or completely automate your access management with drag and drop workflows.


No Code Lifecycle Management

Lack of lifecycle management leaves sensitive systems and data vulnerable to disgruntled former employees. No code Lifecycle Management workflows make it easy to protect your organization from insider-threats.

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We take every measure possible to ensure that Clarity is an asset and not a vulnerability, including completing SOC 2 Type I and II assessments. Learn more about the efforts we take to limit risk as a third-party vendor.

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