Access Management

Stop role creep, maintain compliance, and enforce IT controls with automated, highly granular access management.


Easy Access Management


Access Management Without Bottlenecks

Can't convince managers to submit access requests? No problem. Clarity access management uses identity lifecycle events and dynamic role mining to automatically, and intelligently, provision or deprovision identities. Highly customizable, you can even grant exceptions or temporary access without modifying your existing RBAC structure. With custom, pre-built API, on-prem, and database connectors it's easy to enforce least privilege without overhauling your existing tech stack.

Access Expiration

Never lose track of when to deprovision access for contractors, service providers or temporary employees. Easily set access to automatically expire, down to the minute. You can also use Clarity's mandatory account recertification to ensure least privilege.

Stop Role Creep

Adapt access to the unique needs of your employees without editing RBAC structure or overprovisioning other identities. Easily grant and remove access outside of a user’s role with Clarity’s exceptions and exclusions functionality.

Out-of-the-Box Visibility

Our connector marketplace is free for all customers and includes 100+ pre-built API connectors plus on-prem and DB connectors and a CSV. uploader. Manage even the most obscure aspect of your application landscape without ever leaving Clarity.

Risk Powered Governance + UARs

Learn how Risk Powered Governance makes User Access Reviews (UARs) more accurate and less time consuming without lengthy training sessions.



Use exceptions to grant specific entitlements without editing an identity’s role or impacting your compliance outcomes. Or grant temporary access that automatically expires at a set time and rest assured knowing access will be revoked on time and all changes will be logged.


Risk Management

Ensure only the right employees can access your most sensitive systems and data. Granular provisioning and deprovisioning makes it easy to enforce least privilege and RBAC by tailoring an identities access down to the most minute entitlement.


Onboarding and Offboarding

IT and IS teams play a critical role in employee onboarding and offboarding. Ensure your identity team is seen as a helpful resource and not a productivity bottleneck by using an IGA platform that seamlessly grants or revokes employee access from day one through termination.

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Clarity allows you to think very critically about employee access
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