Prepare and Distribute UARs in Minutes

Schedule Clarity to prepare and distribute User Access Reviews automatically. When audit changes the scope of reviews, simply update the template with your new applications, entitlements, or frequency.

Intelligent Automatic Revocation

Stop wasting time with manual revocation. As responses are received during Access Certification, Clarity can automatically act on your behalf and revoke access in the appropriate downstream application saving time and reducing potential for human-error.

Evidence Collection Made Easy

Improve audit outcomes and get 100% complete and accurate evidence without screenshots or spreadsheets thanks to an immutable ledger powered by AWS QLDB.


Powerful Features Without the Shelfware

Get better audit and compliance outcomes with a powerful, intuitive platform that makes it easy to enforce IT and General Application controls.

Cost Management

Customers have reclaimed up to 20% of IT spend by identifying unused licenses during User Access Reviews with Clarity. Access Certification is no longer just for audit, now you can use it to help with license management and cost reduction.

Risk Reduction

Protect your organization from security breaches due to access violations. Incorporating automated UARs into your Access Certification helps ensure principle of least privilege is enforced with little additional effort from your security or IT team.

Audit and Compliance

Meet regulatory requirements with fast and accurate access certification. Leveraging automation during Access Certification improves your organization’s identity security and helps ensure successful audit outcomes while saving time and effort.


Frequently Asked Questions

Not the answers you were looking for? Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Absolutely! Clarity Connect, our custom on-prem connector, was designed specifically for organizations that use on-prem legacy systems. Clarity Connect is a virtual appliance installed on your infrastructure behind your firewall and includes built in integrations that support connecting to On-Prem AD and LDAP.

As a cybersecurity solutions provider, we prioritize the safety of our customer environments. We are SOC 2 compliant and will gladly provide any necessary documentation or data privacy statements.

Highly granular provisioning enables you to achieve least privilege, making it more difficult for malicious actors to access sensitive data and systems.

Starting at just $2.50/user per month, Clarity is a powerful, affordable identity governance platform for enterprises of any size. Use your extra budget to make meaningful changes within your organization rather than chasing identities across a disjointed landscape.