Proactively Monitor Multiple Sources of Truth

Get a holistic view of your application landscape so you can make informed decisions about your environment. Easily customize how Clarity should interact with multiple sources of truth with drag and drop workflows. Identify which apps host accurate user data, how to reconcile conflicts, and get real-time reports on the state of your landscape.

Easy to Use Plug and Play Workflows

Leverage a robust IGA platform without overhauling your current tech stack. Use any existing connector in the Clarity Marketplace to quickly connect your applications for free, or deploy Clarity Connect to link On-Prem applications without compromising network security.

Quick and Easy RBAC Deployment and Upkeep

Save money while decreasing opportunities for malicious actors to gain access through orphaned accounts. Clarity’s UID makes it easy to identify orphaned accounts and anomalous access in your environment so you can take immediate action. Most customers recoup 2x their Clarity costs in reclaimed licenses.


Powerful Features Without the Shelfware

Detect unusual behaviors, quickly identify overprovisioned accounts, and helps you make strategic, informed decisions within your application landscape.

Joiners, Movers, and Leavers

Proactively monitor your environment for new hires, fires, and job change events with Clarity’s UID. As JML events occur, Clarity is notified in near real-time of the material change and performs the customizable Lifecycle Management automated workflows.

Risk Reduction

Successfully maintain compliance and reduce risk with continuous evaluation and iteration. Clarity’s UID automatically monitors for new identities created outside of pre-defined sources of truth and alerts admins. Every event is logged, and admins can quickly act if needed.

Cost Management

Don’t spend additional budget retooling your tech stack to work with your IGA platform. Clarity easily integrates with your existing infrastructure without downtime or punching holes in your firewall. Our team will work with you to ensure successful deployment and adoption.


Frequently Asked Questions

Not what you’re looking for? Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Absolutely! Clarity Connect, our custom on-prem connector, was designed specifically for organizations that use on-prem legacy systems. Clarity Connect is a virtual appliance installed on your infrastructure behind your firewall and includes built in integrations that support connecting to On-Prem AD and LDAP.

As a cybersecurity solutions provider, we prioritize the safety of our customer environments. We are SOC 2 compliant and will gladly provide any necessary documentation or data privacy statements.

By collecting all of your identities in one single source of truth, Clarity is able to proactively monitor for and detect suspicious behavior. This allows you to take action before a minor incident escalates to a breach.

Starting at just $2.50/user per month, Clarity is a powerful, affordable identity governance platform for enterprises of any size. Check out the instant pricing estimator to see how much you could save.