Simplifying Onboarding with Automated Access Generation


Due to undocumented procedures, shadow IT, and lost tribal knowledge, a new hire can be left without all of the access they need for months.

One of the challenges faced by the development team is AWS provisioning. Their current AWS new-hire processes results in new employees waiting for up to 3 months before they can perform all of their required tasks in AWS. This is due to a heavy reliance on tickets, tribal knowledge, and multiple bottlenecks throughout the process.

Additionally, the Digital Marketing Company has regulatory requirements that require specific approvals before certain access is provisioned. Meaning, if a hiring manager does not know about the requirement, the access will go un-provisioned indefinitely.

Company Profile

The Digital Marketing Company is responsible for the management of over 750 websites, SEO, and content creation for their customer base. Internal processes are built around agility, precision and speed. The expectation is that a new-hire should have the tools and resources available day one.

Key Challenge

The company faces bottlenecks while manually provisioning new hires, meaning users are left without critical access for months.

Clarity Security’s Solution

Clarity Security’s role generation and access automation were implemented into The Digital Marketing Company’s environment to alleviate the reliance on tickets, eliminate the need for tribal knowledge, and remove the bottlenecks.

Following the conclusion of Identity Unification™, access roles are generated based on the current environment and tailored to be the gold-standard for the company. Once the roles are set, a new hire’s organizational attributes are evaluated by Clarity Security and the appropriate access is provisioned through our event processor.

For access that cannot be provisioned automatically, custom workflows were developed that notify approvers daily to review the request. If the access is approved, the event processor then automatically provisions the access.

The Results

Prior to Clarity Security, it wasn’t uncommon for a newly hired junior developer to be without their required access for two months. After implementing Clarity Security, all access is provisioned immediately after the employee is finalized in the HR system.

The Digital Marketing Company can now easily provision, deprovision, and adjust access as needed through Clarity Security’s automated identity governance platform.