Reduce the grind of auditing & reporting from months of work to just a few days.


Simplify Evidence Collection

Ditch the screenshots and spreadsheets. Manual evidence collection is time consuming, error prone, making it difficult to achieve completeness and accuracy. With Clarity, all access changes are automatically logged and can easily be exported with a single click .


Reduce Rubberstamping

Frustrated with managers rubberstamping UARs? Clarity attacks the root cause of rubberstamping. Managers are given the context they need to respond accurately and quickly through risk scoring, contextualized information, and surfacing access outliers.


Minimize Penalties

Decrease your chance of penalties with automated Lifecycle Management. The moment an identity lifecycle even occurs in a source of truth,  Clarity can immediately reconcile access in downstream applications and will log the entire process to blockchain ledger.

The Clarity Difference


Risk Powered Governance For Better Compliance

We've changed the game of governance, implementing Risk Powered Governance (RPG) across the Clarity platform to help organizations identify and manage risk before it impacts business outcomes. Unlike other platforms, Clarity doesn't require a small army to operate. We made the purposeful choice to build a robust platform that is easy to use whether identity is your full-time role or one of the many duties you're responsible for.

Automated Expiration

It’s easy to lose track of special use cases for access requests, expanding your attack surface and leaving your organization open to costly penalties. Clarity enables you to set a specific time for when access should be automatically granted and removed (down to the minute!).

Risk Scoring

Ensure identity-entitlements align with regulatory requirements and internal policies. Clarity's Risk Scoring makes it easy for admins and reviewers to quickly identify access that doesn't align with internal controls. It's never been easier to maintain a secure and well-managed identity landscape.

Self Service Portal

Drowning in access requests and spreadsheets during audit? The Self Service Portal makes it easy for managers to request access, respond to UARs, and more. Clarity can make any necessary revocations within the downstream application and logs every change to a blockchain ledger.

Risk Powered Governance + UARs

Learn how Risk Powered Governance makes User Access Reviews more accurate and less time consuming without lengthy training sessions.


6-Week Free Trial

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