Lifecycle Management

Stop relying on managers to submit tickets and take back control over the identity lifecycle events that impact your security posture the most.


Rein In Chaos


Never again lose an identity in the JML shuffle.

It's true. You can manage entitlements for every employee, contractor, or guest user without a small army of identity professionals. Clarity helps you minimize identity-related vulnerabilities and improve organizational productivity by automating the entire joiner-mover-leaver (JML) process.

Multiple Sources of Truth

Need to keep track of identities located in multiple active directories or applications? Clarity will proactively monitor multiple sources of truth for JML events and will take any necessary action without manual intervention.

Unlimited Customization

With unlimited drag-and-drop custom workflows that don't require a professional service engagement to set up, automated identity lifecycle management has never been easier. Just a few click is all it takes to set off a cascade of notifications, approvals, access changes, and logs.

RBAC Made Easy

Role Based Access Control is a time-consuming, employee-intensive process. Until now. Moments after connecting your environment, Clarity's dynamic role-mining engine spins up a custom RBAC structure that can be easily modified for a perfect fit.

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Risk Powered Governance

Discover how Risk Powered Governance (RPG) can help proactively mitigate risk and add value to your organization.


Risk Scoring

Easily measure risk related to specific access rights, identify high-risk identity-entitlements, SOD violations, and more with dynamically generated risk scores.


Use Cases



Ditch the screenshots and spreadsheets during evidence collection. Every access change made within Clarity or any downstream application is automatically logged to AWS quantum ledger database. Making it easy to export complete and accurate evidence reports with a single-click.


Risk Management

Protect your organization from loss of IP, destruction of IT services, and failed audits due to disgruntled terminations. Lifecycle management ensures that terminated identities are deprovisioned the moment HR files the paperwork.


Onboarding and Offboarding

Employee onboarding and offboarding are critical to organizational success. Ensure your identity team is seen as a helpful resource and not a productivity bottleneck by using an IGA platform that seamlessly grants or revokes employee access from day one through termination.

JG HBG Quote
It's like going from dial-up to fiber but for IGA.
Justin Gosine, Cybersecurity Engineer

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Schedule a demo today and receive a 6-week free trial.