Onboarding and Offboarding

Eliminate manual processes and lay the groundwork for long-term identity and access management success.


Universal Directory

Onboard and offboard every identity in every application from one user-friendly platform. Clarity’s self-building and self-maintaining Universal Directory means you no longer waste time, or make errors, manually provisioning and deprovisioning identity-entitlements in downstream applications.


Lifecycle Management

Lifecycle management plays a critical role in employee onboarding and offboarding. Ensure your identity team is seen as a helpful resource and not a productivity bottleneck by using a platform that seamlessly grants or revokes employee access from day one through termination.


Access Management

Managers struggle to remember which roles need access to what. Cut down on the confusion during employee onboarding with dynamic RBAC that recommends identity-entitlements based on similar roles that already exist. If the role isn't a perfect match, you can easily grant exceptions or exclusions.

The Clarity Difference


Reduce Friction During Cross-Collaboration

Onboarding and offboarding requires thoughtful coordination between IT and IS teams and other groups. Unfortunately, business users are unaware of the nuances of Identity and Access Management, often resulting in wasted time for your IT team, frustration for end-users, and identities that are over-provisioned, under-provisioned, or completely lost altogether. Keep this from happening to your organization with the leading Risk Powered Governance platform.

Self Service Portal

Drowning in access requests and spreadsheets during audit? The Self Service Portal makes it easy for managers to request access, respond to UARs, and more. Clarity can make any necessary revocations within the downstream application and logs every change to a blockchain ledger.

Out-of-the-Box Visibility

Our connector marketplace is free for all customers and includes 100+ pre-built API connectors plus on-prem and DB connectors and a CSV. uploader. Manage even the most obscure aspect of your application landscape without ever leaving Clarity.

Orphaned Account Reviews

Manual revocation during offboarding is error-prone, resulting in costly and dangerous orphaned accounts. Reclaim IT spending and improve security posture by automatically running Orphaned Account Reviews after offboarding an identity.

See Clarity In Action

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Risk Powered Governance

Use indicators like risk scoring to align, measure, and report IAM policies that are positively impacting security posture and business outcomes.


Risk Scoring

Easily measure risk related to specific access rights, identify high-risk identity-entitlement pairs, SOD violations, and more with dynamically generated risk scores.


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