Simplify, Automate, and Streamline identity governance with Clarity Security and join the zero-trust revolution.

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Learn How We Can Help Your Business Thrive as a Zero-Trust Enterprise.

Starting at just $2.50/user per month, Clarity Security is a powerful, affordable identity management solution for enterprises of any size. Use your extra budget to make meaningful changes within your organization, rather than chasing identities across a disjointed landscape.

Through secure APIs, our platform ties into your existing HR system and directory services, cutting down on miscommunication. Our end user portal is simple and clean, making it easy to collaborate with other business units.

Clarity customers have saved tens of thousands of dollars by reclaiming un-used and overprovisioned licenses. Instantly see identities with extraneous or unused licenses and adjust permissions accordingly. Clarity will also alert you when a license is in use by an identity it doesn’t recognize.

Long gone are the days of manually correlating identities across your environment to understand who has access to what. Clarity Security gives your team the data you need to protect yourself from insider threats. Our intelligent platform also alerts you of unusual access behaviors so you can investigate before an incident ever occurs.

Experience unprecedented visibility into your environment with Clarity’s advanced reporting heuristics. Get instant, accurate data on enterprise application license usage, high-risk roles and entitlement assignments, suggested environment improvements, and more. With Clarity, the slog of auditing & reporting transforms from hundreds of hours to mere minutes.

Our mission is to help your organization successfully achieve a zero-trust framework that is on the cutting edge of modern security architecture. Our white-glove customer service model includes personalized onboarding, quarterly assessments, and customized recommendations.

Why Clarity Security

We’ve thrown out the playbook on what it means to create an enterprise security solution.


Unlike other IAG solutions, Clarity was built with the small and midsize business in mind. No matter your organization’s budget or personnel capacity, Clarity can be easily deployed and maintained for a fraction of the cost and time.


Let Clarity remove the potential for human error in your environment. Our intelligent, dynamic engines allow you to automate nearly every step of the identity management process.


Security is a guiding value at Clarity Security. You can rest assured that we’ve taken every precaution necessary to avoid vendor risk potential. We want to help protect your data, not serve as an opportunity for outside threats.


Chris Place1: Customer

Felecia was hired to create a corporate identity. We were very pleased with the work done.

Chris Place: Customer1

1Felecia was hired to create a corporate identity. We were very pleased with the work done.

Chris Place1 Image
Chris Place Image

Frequently Asked Questions

Need help? Be sure to visit our support forums for answers to your questions.

Clarity is an identity governance SaaS platform that simplifies, streamlines, and improves the process of managing identities across your infrastructure and application landscape. Our intelligent and dynamic engine wasn’t built on legacy systems, meaning we’ve created an agile solution that effortlessly adapts to the needs of the modern enterprise.

If your organization wants to reduce overhead, recoup wasted budget, improve workflow processes and achieve true RBAC/ABAC within your zero-trust environment then you need Clarity Security.

Clarity includes a universal directory that is self-building and self-maintaining. Regardless of how your enterprise currently manages identities, you can easily import them into Clarity. Our experienced product team will help you through this process during onboarding.

Yes! We currently have 100+ connectors in our library, with more being added each week.

Custom connectors can be created for additional cost or for customers who select the Premium or Enterprise plan.

A role is made up of identities and all assigned entitlements. Within Clarity, roles are dynamically generated based on attributes you define during onboarding. We recommend scheduling a demo if you’re interested in the finer details of how Clarity uses roles to make Lifecycle Management and Access Certification zero-touch.