Governance, Risk, and Compliance

25% of material weaknesses reported to the NYSE and SEC are related to IT and Identity Governance. Preparing for an audit is a time intensive, expensive, and highly manual process made even more complicated when proof of completeness and accuracy is required.

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Audit and Compliance

Audit and Compliance with Clarity

Save time and money while ensuring you meet audit and compliance requirements. Prepare, distribute and reconcile UARs with a single click and easily prove completeness and accuracy via immutable blockchain ledger. With Clarity, the slog of auditing & reporting transforms from hundreds of hours to mere minutes.

Automatic Access Expiration

Between contractors, service providers, part-time and full-time employees it's easy to lose track of who should have access for how long. Set a specific date for when an identity or entitlement should be deprovisioned.

Set Expiration Dates Example 1

Audit Ready in Record Time

Clarity deploys in as little as 1 hour and seamlessly integrates with your current Tech stack. Our on-prem connector, CSV uploader, and universal database connector enable hassle-free integration with legacy systems, resulting in a hassle-free compliance journey.

Connector Library 1

Reconcile Access with Ease

If a manager needs to adjust entitlements during access certification, they simply use the Self Service Portal to approve or deny access and Clarity will make the changes for you. All access changes are logged to our immutable ledger, resulting in simple evidence collection.

Solutions Page - Audit and Compliance - Reconcile with Ease Section 1

Ease & Accuracy

Get instant, accurate data on enterprise application license usage, high-risk roles and entitlement assignments, suggested environment improvements, and more.

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Access Certification

Rapidly initiate UARs with one-click UAR creation and a simplified reviewer experience. Automated revocation of manager responses eliminates the manual effort of logging into applications to remediate findings. Certification and evidence collection is easier than ever due to our immutable ledger that tracks all responses, remediations, and certification activities.

UAR Example 2 2

Provisioning and Deprovisioning

Auditing the source and approvals associated with access changes has never been easier. All provisioning and deprovisioning events performed by Clarity and detected in downstream applications are written to the immutable ledger.

UAR Example 3

Lifecycle Management

If an employee changes division or department within your organization, their new HR attributes automatically propagate the relevant downstream applications. The identity's access is immediately reconciled to match the relevant role while respecting existing exclusions and exceptions.

Automatic Provisioning and Workflows 2

Universal Identity Directory

Successful Identity Governance relies on regular evaluation and iteration. Once RBAC has been established for your organization, your dedicated account team assesses your operations and provides actionable recommendations for process improvement, risk reduction, and cost savings.

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Audit and Compliance

What's Your Problem?

Deficiencies and Fines

Avoid costly fines and potential deficiencies with Granular Provisioning, Universal Identity Directory and Lifecycle Management.

Evidence Collection

100% complete & accurate evidence collection. No more juggling spreadsheets and screenshots.

Reviewer Cooperation

Cut down on reviewer response time by 60% with Clarity's Self Service Portal.

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Get instant, accurate data on enterprise application license usage, high-risk roles and entitlement assignments, suggested environment improvements, and more.

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