Joiner, Mover, Leaver

Business users are often unaware of the nuances of entitlement access. This results in wasted time for your IT team, frustration for end-users, and identities that are over-provisioned, under-provisioned, or completely lost altogether.

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Joiner, Mover, Leaver with Clarity

Establishing effective and efficient JML processes has always been an uphill battle. Clarity’s customizable event-based workflows make it easy to establish JML processes and adjust them as business demands change. Leverage automation and 1-click deprovisioning to better protect your environment from human-error and terminated employees.

Universal Identity Directory

Reconcile all identities and enhance your existing AD with a Universal Identity Directory (UID). Identify multiple sources of truth, provision directly from Clarity, and always have a complete and accurate view of your identity landscape.

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Application Connector Library

Expand the reach of your IGA with Clarity’s Application Connector Library. With over 100 connectors currently available and new ones added each week, Clarity makes onboarding an application and configuring automation a breeze.

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Self-Service Portal

Empower business users to take responsibility for the role they play in the JML process. Clarity’s Self Service portal makes it easy for managers to request new access for themselves or new employees.

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Long-Term Success

Eliminate manual JML processes and lay the groundwork for long-term identity management success.

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Lifecycle Management

HR platforms and Directory Services serve as a launch pad for event-based workflows. As an identity progresses through the JML lifecycle, Clarity provisions or deprovisions the identity, entitlements, and licenses based on their new role with the organization.

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Universal Identity Directory

Generate a complete view of your identity landscape with real-time reporting and metrics on the current state of governance within your organization. Easily see trends and pull reports and all without ever leaving Clarity.

Joiner, Mover, Leaver

What's Your Problem?

Slow Onboarding

Get your new employees the access they need on day 1 with automated Provisioning and Lifecycle Management.

Role Change

Cut down on back and forth with managers when employees change roles or departments with automated, dynamic role mining

Disgruntled Terminations

Protect your organization from threats related to disgruntled terminations with automated Deprovisioning and Lifecycle Management.

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