Risk Reduction

Developing home-grown IGA processes is time consuming and often unsuccessful due to lack of documentation and employee turnover. Left without an IGA solution, your organization is vulnerable to malicious actors who use abandoned or overprovisioned identities to access your most valuable data.

Risk Reduction

Risk Reduction with Clarity

Instantly provision and de-provision identities, monitor access changes in real-time and make informed decisions regarding your identity landscape with a single click. Mitigate risk across your entire application landscape and be aware of when identities are granted high-risk access during emergency events so that they are easily deprovisioned after.

Erase Potential for Human Error

Terminated employees can be lost in the shuffle of day-to-day tasks. Automated Lifecycle Management workflows eliminate the risk of it ever happening in the first place.

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Instantaneous Revocation

Stop logging into individual applications and manually adjusting access. With a single click, you can revoke end-application access for a single identity or an entire role without ever leaving Clarity.

1Click Deprovisioning 1

High Risk User Alerts

Get notified instantly when an identity is provisioned to a high-risk application or entitlement so you can limit access to your most sensitive data.

High Risk Role 2

Exceptions and Exclusions

Navigate unique access needs by granting exceptions and exclusions for specific identities without altering the other identities in the role.

Exceptions Exlusions and RBAC 2

Role Based Access Control

RBAC is one of the best ways to protect your identity landscape. Clarity’s dynamic, role mining engine makes RBAC possible in a matter of minutes and makes it easy to rebuild your roles as your organization evolves.

RBAC Example 2 1

Limit Identity Related Risk

Secure your environment and enforce General and IT Application controls for 20% the cost of other platforms.

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Access Certification

Perform ad hoc or scheduled reviews on high-risk entitlements, applications, and roles to proactively uncover potential insider threats. Run reviews over your joiners, movers, and leavers to establish baseline metrics and integrate this data into your security operations and control matrices.

UAR Example 2 2

Provisioning and Deprovisioning

Clarity mitigates the inherent risk introduced by the presence of admin entitlements through single click deprovisioning. Disgruntled terminations, incidents, or insider threats are addressed with flexible deprovisioning from single user entitlements to organization wide deprovisioning of app access.

UAR Example 3

Lifecycle Management

Terminations are no longer hidden from view. Once the termination event occurs in a source of truth, Clarity is alerted, and the identity is automatically deprovisioned with all actions being logged to our immutable ledger, waiting for audit.

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Risk Reduction

What's Your Problem?

Expanding Attack Surface

Stop the unmanaged expansion of your environment. Always be aware of orphaned accounts and overprovisioned identities with Clarity.

Role Creep

Keep roles under control with a dynamic, highly configurable role-generation engine capable of provisioning downstream access.

Lagging Terminations

Cut-down on time from termination to deprovision by 100% with automated Lifecycle Management.

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