Why Clarity

Better IGA, Better Compliance Outcomes

25% of material weaknesses reported to the NYSE and SEC are related to IT and Identity Governance. Avoid deficiencies, save time and money during audits, and reduce manual processes that impact compliance outcomes with Clarity.


Powerful Features Without the Shelfware

Deploy the most user-friendly IGA platform on the market to save time, save money, and minimize the likelihood of deficiencies. Prepare, distribute, and reconcile UARs with a single click and easily prove completeness and accuracy via immutable blockchain ledger. Reduce the potential for human errors with highly granular access control and automated Lifecycle Management (LCM). 

Automated Access Expiration

It’s easy to lose track of special use cases for access requests, expanding your attack surface and leaving your organization vulnerable. Stay on top of special use cases by setting a specific date for when access should be automatically granted and removed.

Fast & Successful Implementation

Clarity deploys in as little as 4 weeks and seamlessly integrates with your current Tech stack. Our on-prem connector, CSV uploader, and universal database connector enable hassle-free integration with legacy systems, resulting in a high success rate for customer adoption and ROI.

Simplified Self Service Portal

Need to to adjust entitlements during access certification? The Self-Service Portal makes it easy for managers to respond to UARS and Clarity automatically makes any necessary changes within the downstream application. Every change is logged to an immutable quantum ledger database (QLDB).

Audit and Compliance with Clarity

Access Certification

Eliminate the manual effort of logging into application to remediate findings. Rapidly initiate UARs and receive responses faster thanks to a simplified reviewer experience and automated revocation. Certification and evidence collection is easier than ever due to our immutable ledger that tracks all responses, remediations, and certification activities.

Provisioning and Deprovisioning

Manual processes make evidence collection a nightmare. With Clarity, every provisioning and deprovisioning event is logged to an immutable blockchain ledger to make auditing access changes a surprisingly pleasant experience.

Lifecycle Management

Decrease your chance of deficiencies with automated Lifecycle Management. If an employee changes division or department within your organization, access is immediately reconciled in downstream applications to match their new role while respecting any existing exclusions and exceptions.

Universal Identity Directory

Successful IGA relies on regular evaluation and iteration. Once RBAC has been established for your organizations Universal Identity Directory your dedicated account team will provide regular, actionable recommendations for process improvement, risk reduction, and cost savings.


What’s Your Problem?

Deficiencies and Fines

Avoid costly fines and potential deficiencies by using an IGA platform that easily integrates with your current tech stack.

Evidence Collection

100% complete & accurate evidence collection. No more juggling spreadsheets and screenshots.

Lack of Adoption

A simple, intuitive UI and end-user portal make Clarity unbelievably easy to use for IT and Business professionals alike.


Frequently Asked Questions

Not the answers you were looking for? Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Absolutely! Clarity Connect, our custom on-prem connector, was designed specifically for organizations that use on-prem legacy systems. Clarity Connect is a virtual appliance installed on your infrastructure behind your firewall and includes built in integrations that support connecting to On-Prem AD and LDAP.

As a cybersecurity solutions provider, we prioritize the safety of our customer environments. We are SOC 2 compliant and will gladly provide any necessary documentation or data privacy statements.

Modern compliance requirements place an emphasis on continuous monitoring. As a supplemental technology to your organization’s active directory, Clarity bridges the visibility gap between your existing AD and application landscape to provide seamless, real-time visibility into your environment. In addition, the use of automation, lifecycle management, and dynamic role mining enable your organization to effectively enforce the mandatory IT dictated by regulatory agencies.