User Access Reviews

Managers hate completing them. Your team hates running them. Luckily, Modern User Access Reviews (UARs) with Clarity are downright painless.


Modern UARs


User Access Reviews That Don't Suck

Clarity solves the root issue of rubberstamping and inaccurate responses during UARs by lowering the knowledge barrier for reviewers. By giving reviewers with the context they need to quickly and confidently respond, your organization can improve accuracy and see material results in risk management from UARs.

Risk Scoring

Using machine learning, Clarity evaluates the inherent and contextual risk of identity-entitlements to generate dynamic risk scores. Risk scoring makes it easy for reviewers to prioritize items during UARs, It also helps Admins identify the impact that improper access can have on business outcomes.

Surface Anomalies

When reviewing thousands of identity-entitlements, it's difficult to know when anomalies occur. Risk Powered Governance brings access outliers to the surface, including orphaned accounts, so you can quickly identify abnormalities and take action before an anomaly becomes a vulnerability.

Intelligent Context

Reviewers have to quickly evaluate thousands of entitlements. But they don't know how to evaluate access, what certain access means, or where to invest their time. Clarity's built-in intelligent context reduces review fatigue and bridges the knowledge gap, resulting in faster, more accurate responses.

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Risk Powered Governance

Discover how Risk Powered Governance (RPG) can help proactively mitigate risk and add value to your organization.


Use Cases


Risk Management

Your organization is most vulnerable right after a UAR; when your team is scrambling to revoke access as quickly as possible. Don't waste time with manual revocations after UARs. Instead, minimize the opportunity window, reduce risk, and limit human-error with Modern User Access Reviews that support automatic revocations in the appropriate downstream application.


Onboarding and Offboarding

Orphaned accounts waste budget. These unmonitored points of access also introduce significant risk to your application landscape. Now you can run a User Access Review to get visibility into the number of unused or overprovisioned licenses within your landscape. Customers have reclaimed up to 20% of IT spending by identifying unused licenses with Clarity.



Since the early 2000s, UARs have been a major blocker of effective identity governance policies. Until now. By providing managers with the context they need to respond quickly and accurately, Clarity UARs help to ensure successful governance policies and audit outcomes. All while saving significant time and effort for those involved. That's what we call a win-win scenario.

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